Simple pleasures...

I first discovered my love for clay in a high school art class, but it wasn't until after college, while living in Aspen, Colorado, that I started taking pottery classes on a regular basis, and really became hooked. In 1996 I relocated back to the Boston area, and joined the Feet of Clay Pottery studio in Brookline Village, MA, and have been potting there ever since. 

For reasons I can't fully explain, the challenge of transforming a lump of clay into something both beautiful and useful captivates me. There are several stages in the process of making pottery, and the first (creating the form) has always been my favorite. I love the feel of the clay in my hands, and I'm always striving to achieve the perfect line or curve for each piece. I find it immensely satisfying when I get it right...the only "downside" of this being that each success only fuels my insatiable desire to create more — and I never have enough time in the studio! 

Another aspect of making pots that I really enjoy is when I have the opportunity to see others connect with them. I love seeing the pleasure my handmade objects can elicit in customers. I often joke that my pots are like my children, and it makes me happy to see them go to good homes where they are loved and appreciated.

I use a variety of wheel throwing and hand building techniques to create my work. I like to incorporate texture, which may come from a variety of objects, but most commonly my ever-growing collection of antique Indian wood block stamps (some of which are pictured above). I also find nature to be a great source of inspiration.

While I look forward to someday becoming a full-time potter, for now I am a print production/ project manager...looking forward to the next time I get to play
in the mud!

My pots are all oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.